Rob Ford�s crack allegation: So, what�s new?

by Saadiar

Questions have been spinning in the air, since the first report came almost two weeks ago that Rob Ford, Mayor of Toronto, was seen in cellphone video using crack cocaine. Since then the media has been on a circus run trying to get the latest update in this installment, and to find out whether it is all even true or not. Ford in the beginning shrugged off the rumors by stating that he believed them to be ridiculous, and there wasn�t any amount of truth in it. But since then, he�s been almost silent about the whole matter, brushing media off if they dared to approach him with questions related to the video. An addict running the City of Toronto may be too preposterous to imagine, but right now doubts are still plaguing everyone�s minds. So why give in to the doubts and sensationalize a news item, which might not even be containing a shred of truth. So the main question that arises here is: Is he really in the wrong as media has been portraying him? I think not. Though crack cocaine is a big deal, and probably even a very big deal, but should not a mayor be criticized because of his actions while performing the sacred duties required by this position, rather than what he might or might not have done during his private time. Because if he is going to be judged by what he does in his private time, then this case takes up a whole new perspective. All politicians had scandals and most of those scandals eventually died as people finally figured out that what happens in private time stays there.� These politicians, including the homophobic ones, have simply sailed right through the scandals as well giving not much heed to them. So why ridicule him relative to others? Probably because it is a juicy scandal, in a relatively peaceful city. But certain angles should be taken in regard here. That maybe there was a commercial advantage to be gained through this scandal for others, or maybe it is just entertaining to ridicule somebody based on doubtful evidence. Many celebrities who have been going around trashing Ford�s name, may have also smoked crack at some point of their lives too if not all the time.� "Crack" and cocaine use among the "rich and famous" is apparently pervaise. There�s undoubtedly a lot going around then what is being reported and not all of it bad for the mayor. Let�s wait and see what happens in the end, but right now, I would say that this whole scenario has really gotten out of control.

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