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15 LGBT Documentaries on Kanopy, Free Streaming Film Goldmine

As Al(aina) explained in their listing of some of the great queer films on Kanopy, Kanopy is for some reason one of the best-kept secrets in streaming. It has SO many rare, older, or otherwise hard-to-find films that you might think you’d need access to a university library to see, all in the privacy of your own home! Although it has lots of fun surprises, from recent films you saw in theaters (so much A24!) to niche archival footage from decades ago, one area it really shines is in your favorite genre and mine, DOCUMENTARIES. It has a vast and ever-changing LGBT Stories section within its documentaries genre (separate from its LGBT Cinema section, also robust and rewarding!), so much so that you could watch all of these 15 films that speak to queer womens’ lives or experience in some way and still have so much more to watch. You don’t need to pay a subscription fee for Kanopy, just use a library login! Not all libraries have Kanopy access, but if yours does, you are hot to trot, my friend. Much like the subjects of the documentary about same-sex ballroom dancing, Hot to Trot, discussed below! Just a little LGBT documentary humor for you.