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10 Mattresses That Will Improve Your Sex Life

If you’re shopping for a new mattress, you already know it’s important to choose an option that suits your particular sleep needs. But what about your sex life?

The average American couple gets it on about once per week, according to a 2017 study in Archives of Sexual Behavior. But if your mattress makes having sex uncomfortable or even painful, then that number could go down significantly—and that can impact your health. 

“Appropriate, restful sleep is a critical component to healthy sexual function,” says Maureen Whelihan, MD, FACOG at Elite GYN Care of the Palm Beaches. “Improving your sex life can have a positive impact on many aspects of your life including lowering your blood pressure, improving both physical and pelvic health, and reducing stress and elevating your mood."

So what do you need to look for in a mattress if you want to improve your sex life? We’ve compiled the essential information you need to evaluate your options and choose the best mattress for you. We’ve also listed the best options on the market today based on over 500 hours of lab testing by the expert review team at Mattress Advisor. 

These are the 10 best mattresses for sex:

Choosing the best mattress for sex

When it comes to getting your best night’s sleep, you might look for good spine alignment, cooling properties, or super comfy memory foam. But when it comes to doing the deed, other factors may be more important. For instance, a mattress with some bounce might not help you catch those z’s, but it can make other things more fun. Check out more of the key factors that make some mattresses better for sex than others.

What you should look for in a mattress for sex


One of the most important factors to consider when shopping for a new bed to spice up your sex life is bounce. Several factors can affect bounciness, including the material and firmness of the mattress. Innerspring mattresses tend to be the bounciest option because they’re made with an interconnected network of springs that are naturally bouncy. 

On the other end of the spectrum, the best memory foam mattresses are made to alleviate pressure points and decrease bounce, which might make them less preferable for sexual activity. Latex and natural latex mattresses fall somewhere in the middle, typically bouncier than memory foam, but less bouncy than innerspring.

If you prefer memory foam for sleeping, but still want the best mattress for sex, it is possible to compromise. One option is the hybrid mattress, which combines the best qualities of memory foam and innerspring mattresses. This type of mattress will typically include a layer of microcoils for bounciness with added layers of foam to provide contouring and cushion for sleeping.

The firmness of a mattress can also affect the bounce factor. A plush innerspring mattress may offer more cushion for sleeping while still providing the bounce you need for getting it on, or you can choose a firm memory foam option that’s highly responsive. Instead of hugging your body, preventing that fun bounce, firm memory foam mattresses spring back quickly and can provide both comfort and bounce.

Learn more about how to find the best firm mattress for your sleep style.


Nothing kills the mood like the insistent squeak of a noisy mattress. Plus, many sexually active couples don’t live alone. Whether it’s kids, roommates, or parents, a noisy mattress can be a real deterrent to a healthy sex life. So what’s the best way to avoid that tell-tale squeak?

Stay away from innerspring mattresses and box springs. Instead, opt for a memory foam or natural latex mattress on a built platform, rather than a box spring or metal bed frame. 

Temperature regulation

Another big mood killer is excessive heat or sweat, and the wrong mattress can make this a big problem. Some mattresses retain lots of body heat, which can make sex hot (in a bad way). To avoid this, you should look for a mattress with good breathability. Breathable mattresses disperse excess body heat to regulate the temperature and keep you cool, whether you’re sleeping or not. 

Memory foam mattresses tend to retain the most heat, though some use a cooling gel memory foam to reduce heat retention. Latex mattresses are very breathable thanks to the way they’re aerated, and innerspring mattresses naturally provide great breathability as well. 

Edge support

Finally, when looking for the best mattress for sex, you should definitely consider edge support to prevent you and your partner from rolling off the side of the bed (ouch).

Generally, memory foam and latex tend to have weaker edge support than innerspring or hybrid mattresses, but there are definitely exceptions to that rule. Some brands make a point to add great edge support to their memory foam or latex mattresses, and other brands fail to uphold high edge support standards for innerspring or hybrid mattresses.

The 10 best mattresses for sex

Now that you know what to look for, ready to start shopping? We’ve rounded up a list of the top 10 best mattresses for sex based on reviews from the experts at Mattress Advisor. Even better: Every one of the mattresses on this list is available for purchase online to make spicing up your sex life with a brand new bed easier than ever.