Are You Tired Of Dealing With Air Leaks?

There are a number of signs that demonstrate that your windows are letting drafts into your home — the indoor temperature never feels completely right, you constantly feel the need to adjust the thermostat or your hydro bills are much higher than you would ever expect. If these examples seem all too familiar to you, you need to find a way to deal with those drafty windows right away.

The inconsistent indoor temperature and the skyrocketing hydro bill rates are not figments of your imagination, but you might want additional proof that the drafts are coming through your windows. What you should do is a quick DIY home energy audit on a cool and windy day to confirm if air leaks are coming through these entrances, or if they are coming from other weak spots around the house. Light a stick of incense and then hold it front of your closed windows to see if anything happens to the smoke — if the smoke blows away from the surface even though it is closed, air is sneaking inside. You can also do this technique with your entrance doors, whether they have decorative windows or solid panels.

You can add weather stripping to the windows and seal any visible gaps around the frame with caulking to try to prevent air leaks, but it might not be enough to stop all of the drafts. If your windows and doors are old or made with low-quality materials, then these quick fixes will only be band-aid solutions.Frequent drafts are one of the key signs that your windows need more than a bit of maintenance, they need to be replaced. Confront the root of the draft problemby getting top-rate replacement windows and doors — this will save you from dealing with inefficient entrances that leak air in and out of your home. These should be specifically designed for thermal insulation and energy-efficiency, and they should be installed by professionals. A local company like Casa Bella Windows & Doors will have a number of exceptional choices for windows and entry doors. They also have trained, insured and licensed employees on hand to do product installations so that you get the finest results for your renovation.

If you want your home to feel comfortable all year round, you should follow important tips for replacing windows like choosing options that have low-emissivity glass and that have high R-values. The R-value is the official grade that reveals how effectively the window prevents heat from escaping. Another helpful suggestion is to buy blackout curtains or shades to guard your rooms against air leaks before you start picking out your new windows or scheduling a date for the installations. When you get the replacements that you want, you can still use these special window treatments to block harsh sunlight and even noise from entering your home.

Air leaks are wasting your energy, raising your hydro bills and disrupting the indoor temperature of your home. With the right window and door replacements, you can stop these drafts from being an expensive and uncomfortable nuisance.

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