How To Avoid Back Pain While Spring Cleaning

It’s a paradox that every Toronto homeowner understands: cleaning is messy business. By the end of it, you’re dusty, sore and physically drained, but your house is spotless. Spring Cleaning – that yearly ritual of ridding your home of dirt and excess items – tagheuerex can be a real workout, and like any workout it carries the risk of back pain. Bend the wrong way, lift the wrong way or maintain a poor posture for too long and you could end up suffering for it. What’s the point of a clean home if you’re confined to the bed, in too much pain to enjoy it? Here are a few tips on how to avoid back pain while Spring Cleaning this year.

Bend The Right Way

While sweeping and mopping, try and avoid quick bends and turns, as these jerking motions can cause strain on your muscles and ligaments, or worse, they can cause a slipped disc. If you’re already suffering a limited range of motion, or simply don’t want to risk excessive bending, try and find a broom or mop with a long, easily manoeuvrable handle, that way you don’t have to move as much. Keep your the handle close to your body to avoid stretching in such a way that could throw out your back.

Visit A Chiropractor For Tips

Are you unsure how best to clean under the sink, or how best to tackle the storm drains? Visiting a chiropractor isn’t just about addressing existing back pain – it’s also about avoiding future pain, and they are usually more than happy to offer tips on reducing back pain while you clean. Not only can they tell you how to bend properly to avoid back pain, but they can also offer some stretches you can do beforehand, which leads to our next point…

Stretch Before You Clean

As mentioned, Spring Cleaning is exercise, and just like any other exercise it’s wise to stretch beforehand. Warm yourself up by going on a nice walk (the spring in Toronto is beautiful, after all) and do the stretches your chiropractor tells you to do. It will only take 10 minutes  tops, and could save you months of back pain.

Lift The Right Way

You may find, once you’ve cleaned out the crawlspace, that you have boxes upon boxes of items that are bound for the trash. The temptation is to get them out as quickly as possible so you don’t have to look at those unsightly boxes, but do not disregard your back. Resist the urge to do this hastily. You’ve probably heard by now that you shouldn’t lift with your back, that you should kneel and lift with your legs. It has been conventional wisdom for some time now, but it is still disregarded too often. For the sake of your back, lift properly!

Spring Cleaning is all about making your life easier, so the last thing you want is to court a type of back pain that decidedly does not make your life easier. Follow these easy tips and get advice from a local chiropractor and you should have the best of both worlds – a clean home and a pain-free back.

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