Asking for Compensation for a Work Related Injury is Not Easy

Even if you are certain that you have suffered from an accident by carrying out a work-related task, you will still go through a long process if you want to make a claim for compensation. It can take months or even years before something can happen.

There are different reasons why employees end up with a work related injury. For those working in a restaurant, suffering from burns is very common. This is due to the nature of their work. Hence, asking for compensation for burns at work is common among restaurant workers.

Preparing to file a claim

In order to file for compensation, you need to hire a legal expert. You need someone who will see to it that you can successfully make your claim.

The first thing you need to do is to seek medical attention right after the accident. You will be given a medical report and you have to keep it. This can be used to strengthen your case. It identifies the possible reason for the accident and how serious it was.

You will then officially file the papers asking for the compensation. The company will then have a few days to respond. They can conduct their own internal investigation so that they can identify the best way to respond.

Will you go to court?

It is possible that you go to court if the employer challenges your claim. This could be worse for you as it could take a really long time. However, the fact that several cases in the past that went to court favoured the complainant should be encouraging. You can win the case and get the exact amount that you have asked for.

Most companies though will not drag themselves to court. They will speak with you and your lawyer regarding a settlement. This can be done outside the court. If you have reached an agreement, you will drop the case. You can continue the negotiation until you are fine with the amount that they are offering.

The main reason why they would rather settle is because they don’t want to drag the name of the company through the mud. The negative publicity that comes with the case just doesn’t look good for the company. They will only fight if they know the accident was not related to work. The optics won’t serve them best considering that they are fighting against an ordinary employee.

Whether it involves work-related injury claims or beauty treatment claims, it can be a long and tiring process. You have to remain calm. You also have to seek guidance from your lawyer. You should be patient until you get justice.

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