DUHHH! Energy drinks will NOT keep you hydrated

(Natural NewsYes, energy drinks can really take you places….like the emergency room. These supposedly “hydrating” drinks actually increase your risk of developing a cardiac condition or a plethora of other illnesses associated with dehydration or excessive sugar intake. This is what Dr. Manny Alvarez, Senior Managing Health Editor at FOXNews.com warned of in a recent article. He urged people to fully understand the potential health risks these energy drinks have, especially as global sales of the products reached 38.2 billion euros in 2016 — a trend, he said, that will continue in the next several years. It is estimated that the energy drink market will rake in a cool 53.4 billion euros by the end of 2020, as reported on BeverageDaily.com.

This is a 40 percent growth, despite scores of medical and wellness professionals discouraging people from using energy drinks. These beverages have already been linked to changes in heart function, but one aspect that hasn’t yet been fully explored is how they contribute to dehydration.


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