Hemp farmers hopeful Canada’s marijuana legalization would aid business

Canadian hemp farmers are hopeful that the legalisation of marijuana by the federal government would enable them harvest all parts of the hemp plant.

Due to the current regulations, Canadian farmers are restricted from harvesting certain parts of the plant that contains CBD. This is usually found in the chaff of the plant, but doesn’t give people the ‘highness’ feeling. “Legislation we’ve been operating under has not allowed us to harvest components that would contain CBD, such as the chaff and leaf materials, off our grain combines,” said Gary Meier, president of Hemp Production Services.

“We hope that we’ll be allowed in the new legislation in a way that would allow farmers to capture more of that value.”

Meier also noted that he’s been guaranteeing customers—especially those overseas—that hemp foods would be free of THC contamination once marijuana gets legalised and can be freely produced. Especially since such products are more beneficial, such as CBD drip—which provides a relaxing effect and doesn’t get a person high.

Meier and other hemp seed farmers have consciously stayed out of the marijuana industry, equally noting the difference in both plants.

“Hemp is as similar to marijuana as popcorn is to sweetcorn at the roadside stand. They’re completely different plants,” Meier said.

While the rules on how marijuana will be grown is being drafted by the government, Lyle Stewart, Saskatchewan’s Agriculture Minister, hopes that the plant would not be limited to greenhouses.

“I hope there’s going to be an opportunity for open-field growing of it. But like I say, there will be some pretty expensive and serious security around all that,” he told CTV News.

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