The un-funny and unhinged Chelsea Handler gets ripped over her mocking of Sarah Huckabee Sanders: Why are Leftists such rotten people?

(Natural News) “Comedienne” Chelsea Handler is a very funny lady — that is, if you’re a mean, nasty, hypocrite liberal and a generally lousy person altogether. The “tolerant” Left is anything but when it comes to conservatives, Republicans and especially Trump supporters, all of whom appear to trigger people like Handler.

She was the subject of collective ire once more in recent days, as defenders of President Donald J. Trump’s press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, defended her against the vileness of Handler’s latest attack against her.

“Desperate for attention and relevance, Handler has lately ramped up her anti-GOP hatefulness, recently calling [Sanders] a ‘whore,’ for example — putting to the lie Handler’s purported feminist commitment to supporting other women (because Republican women don’t count, you know),” Truth Revolt reported.

In particular, Handler is under assault — and rightfully so because her behavior is so over the top — for retweeting a vulgar video mocking the weight and appearance of Sanders, Fox News added.

The video, which is a promotion for Handler’s tanking Netflix series, is a phony step-by-step makeup tutorial that features “comedy” writer Fortune Feimster portraying Sanders.

Each step is accompanied by extremely crude “jokes” that make fun of Sanders’ face, the president, and Republicans in general.

“Right now my skin is dry, just like Puerto Rico right before that one rainy day they had,” says Feimster before applying moisturizer. “Put it on like gravy. My face is a big, fat biscuit!” she exclaims while using the lotion.

Har, har.

So, when does the comedy start? Listening in, I thought maybe I had stumbled into a locker room full of seventh graders. But then again, I probably shouldn’t insult seventh graders.

Needless to say, many Americans expressed their outrage and disgust with such overt hatred and juvenile behavior.

“Keep it up and everyone will despise you,” wrote one on Twitter. “You are obviously a very unhappy person. Maybe as a modern feminist you should act like a lady for a change.”

“Glad to see how much of a strong feminist you are, by promoting positive body image of other females,” wrote another, to which Handler arrogantly replied: “This woman deserves to be taken down. She is pure evil.”

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