Feds claim that thousands of tons of hazardous waste have been illegally dumped in Missouri

(Natural News) For almost four years, a building located in an eastern Missouri floodplain has served as the illegal dump site for thirteen million pounds of hazardous waste. This shocking information was revealed in federal and state documents, reported STLToday.com. The publication added that one federal indictment filed at St. Louis was against companies based in Missouri and Ohio, as well as their officers. The federal indictment alleged that nine million pounds of the waste was first deposited in Mississippi before being dug up then transferred to Missouri.

The warehouse sits near the town of Berger, Mo., and just southeast of Hermann, Mo., in an area dense with weeds. According to the SeattleTimes.com, the building is just across the road from Little Berger Creek, a body of water which empties into the Missouri River. As of this writing, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources has not yet issued any statements about the potential health risks posed by the hazardous waste.

A lawyer for Missouri Green Materials owner Penny A. Duncan said that she was unaware that the waste was, in fact, hazardous. Attorney Paul D’Agrosa stated that Penny A. Duncan was told by her husband and general manager Daryl Duncan that the waste was actually recyclable and could be re-purposed into concrete additives.


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