Hair Damage in a Salon: How to Cope

It feels good to be surprised after your visit to a salon especially if you have transformed in a positive way. You have become way better than you used to be. This is why a lot of people, especially women, tend to spend time inside a salon.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. There are a lot of instances in which your hair becomes worse. Anything can happen during the process. The wrong colour might be used to dye your hair. The length that you expected might not be the same as the finished result. Improper chemicals might have been used.

Once the big reveal happens and it is not what you expected, your initial reaction might be to freak out. You might even end up scolding your hairdresser or everyone in the salon. You have the right to react this way but this won’t help.

Whatever the result is, you have to stay calm. Freaking out will not help in any way. You can’t undo the problem. You won’t get a refund. Worse, the hairdresser might even fight with you. Once you see the result isn’t what you wanted, the best thing to do is to just stay calm and take photos. You need to collect evidence right away. You will use this later in case you decide to follow up and find out about making hair damage claims in such cases.

The salon might not have a security camera, or they might not release the footage to you as it could be used against them. The other staff might also say that you are lying. Therefore, gathering evidence is the right thing to do.

Head to the hospital

If you feel itchiness, irritation or see a change in scalp colour, head to a hospital right away. To begin with, this needs immediate treatment. It could get worse. Furthermore, you need a medical certificate from the doctor. It is proof that you have really suffered as a result of the treatment or procedure done to your hair. Doing it on the same day helps so that you won’t be accused that something else caused the damage.

Never speak with the staff

They might apologise or fight with you after the incident. Either way, don’t speak to them. Never fight with them since it won’t solve anything. Don’t accept their apology either because you are absolving them of any liabilities. Just keep quiet, gather your belongings and leave.

Rest assured, a good lawyer will help you in this battle. You should not feel bad about it since you can still get justice. You need the money from the claim as well since you want to recover from the accident and face a better future.

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