Ultimate Ideas To Make Your Man Cave Attractive

Every man deserves his cave, but be careful what you wish for. There aren’t too many women out there who find your typical man cave all that attractive. Whether it’s a garage full of tools or a spartan basement with a leather sofa and a big screen TV, a lack of attention to details and style are a real turn-off.

Whether it’s company you’re inviting over or your partner for life, do yourself and your better half a favor and go the distance when you’re putting your man cave together. You can class things up without having to compromise your zone.

The Walls

Bare white walls behind nothing but a TV is not a great way to impress. Wall textures are the place to start when you need a room that’s got style. Wood can help you make that cabin-in-the-woods feeling, while stone is also a great choice. Barring actual wall textures, a large bar and cabinets can help add a feeling of wood to your space and create something more engaging to look at than bare walls. If you collect anything from books to sports memorabilia, a tasteful display cabinet goes a long way.


If sports or movies are a big part of your man cave routine, the TV is going to be the main event most nights down here. Big screen and Ultra HD are the way to go right now, but don’t neglect your TV stand. A big mistake a lot of guys make is not thinking about what they’re putting that TV on. You absolutely have to have a TV stand that looks good with the rest of the man cave. You don’t need it to match the curtains, but if you’ve got a wood bar or wood cabinets, get a wood TV stand. Black leather couches and black table? Contemporary black TV stand. This is your space – let it speak volumes about your attention to detail and good taste.

The Bar

No man cave is complete without its own bar. If you haven’t yet, you will eventually reach an age where nights out at the local just seem like a waste of money. Why go out when you and all of your friends are just as happy to crack a few at home? A well-stocked, good-looking bar at home can help.

Start with the bar itself. You can’t go wrong with a classic wood bar top, but a granite bar will really make an impression. You can get a lot of storage space underneath. Include slots for bottles of wine and a mini-fridge you can stock with cans of beer. Meanwhile, put your liquor collection front and centre on shelves in behind. Make sure you keep some bottles that keep up the image you’re trying to create with a home bar.

Your man cave should be more than just a place where you can escape. Make it a place where you can impress. When your room has style, you’ll feel that much better about inviting your friends. You might even let your partner join for movie nights.

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