Toronto authors learn book self-publishing

Finishing a book is a momentum experience for a writer yet, making it known to the public is all the more fulfilling. It takes time for a writer to finish one book. It takes their sweat and blood just to deliver the stories and information we are all enjoying reading today. It takes sleepless nights; missed important events, stolen quality time with family and sometimes even starvation because the writer cannot just get up from desk and leave.


With these, its but fair for every writer to make their publications known to the public. However, as we all know its not that easy. If you are a writer, you must know that finishing your work is not the end of it all. After the desk work, you must work on the marketing part; and in all honesty, it can be the most glaring part. The competition in the market can be stiff. There are others like you who are aiming for their composition to be filling the books stand and be bought.


That is why in Toronto, Agora Publishing sponsored a writers meetup to empower these writers to do self publishing. For a fee of $125, pre-marketing techniques will be unleashed to them. Some of the lessons will be uploading of the cover of the book, creating enticing book descriptions, teaching them how to create the retail price for Amazon and other retailers. The books of every attendee will also be listed in the books-in-print section of Agora Books.  One of the highlights is also to ensure that the books are ISBN registered. Obtaining an ISBN is probably the most important because it dictated the validity, legality, and authenticity of each book. ISBN procedures are being followed internationally. The numbers though the numbers vary from country to country.


Added to this pre-marketing training is the privilege to meet other writers within your vicinity or even outside the town. Meeting with them will allow you to smell fresh writing ideas. You can share best practices with each other and apply them. This is also the opportunity to strengthen the writers guild and talk about your other benefits. You can also recommend added benefits that a writer should be enjoying. Of course, meeting new people that can be your friends for life is one guarantee of this meetup.


So wait no more and register to the scheduled meetup. Itll be on February 25, to be held at Caf Demetre 400 Danforth Avenue (at Chester), Toronto, ON which is in Danforth in Greektown near Chester TTC Subway Sto. Again, the fee is $125. You can ask for more details by checking this link: If you have other friends who want to join, dont hesitate to invite them. You can post the details to your social media account so all possible participants can see. Spread the news and have fun!

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